MORYX Modules

Order Management

  • Synchronized production orders
  • Connection to MES and/or ERP systems via MORYX Adapter
  • Simply start and confirm orders
  • Real-time order progress
  • Machine status and operator management
  • Parts lists and production documents

Production Control

  • Graphical modeling of the process flow from available process steps
  • Assignment of process steps to cells at runtime based on modeled capabilities
  • Implicit transport control at runtime determined from next step and available targets
  • Detailed insights into individual processes, steps, transport targets and process data
  • Uninterrupted production, parallel production and setup in flow thanks to individual process control instead of global parameterization

Worker assistance and media

  • Assistance with production steps
  • Customizable during the creation of the production flow
  • Management of media and linking to assistance systems
  • Support of various media formats: Images, GIF and PDF


  • Notifications from all parts of the system bundled
  • Rolling notification bar above the modules
  • fold-out bar for detailed information
  • Optional full screen display of notifications
  • History and statistics of notifications

Process data visualization

  • Module-spanning data collector
  • Extensible data sinks (influxDB, PostgreSQL, CSV, …)
  • Temporally and semantically linked process data
  • Display of data in freely configurable dashboards

Bug reports

  • Record system status at the touch of a button
  • Create error report and describe problem
  • Edit screenshots directly
  • Integrate any ticket system via adapter
  • Create ticket including screenshots & logs automatically