MORYX Portfolio – Together to the digitalized factory

Choose your customized package from our coordinated mix of MORYX software and training. Together we will find the right entry into the sustainable digitalization of your factory.


Practice-proven MORYX Modules

Use our MORYX Modules, proven in practice over many years, for the digitalization of your factory. Choose from a variety of modules covering a broad spectrum from operative operation to targeted factory optimization.

We are happy to advise you on the selection and configuration of the MORYX Modules.


Individual MORYX Development

Your requirements cannot be covered by existing modules, drivers or adapters and you have no free capacity in your development? No problem!

We are also happy to develop individual MORYX Modules for you. And our experience shows: A supposedly individual module will soon become a multiple reused MORYX Module.


MORYX Developer and User Training

Secure your independence for the future implementation of the digitalization of your factory.

We would be happy to train your developers and operating staff in the independent use of MORYX.


MORYX Framework

The MORYX Framework is available as open source on GitHub and is the result of the MORYX Open Innovation Program. It provides the interfaces for hardware abstraction and digital twin modeling of systems, processes and products in the factory.

Join the MORYX Open Source Community!


Guided MORYX implementation

Every change need someone to explain and accompany it. Of course, this is especially true for the implementation of digitalization.

We are happy to accompany and guide your teams along the entire change process. From the strategy, to the trainings, to the successful implementation with MORYX, we are always at your side as a competent partner.


Consulting and strategy

Benefit from our many years of experience in factory digitization with MORYX.

Let us design a suitable solution architecture together and then select the appropriate MORYX components.