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MORYX Open Innovation

Co-Invent Digitalization

In our private lives, we have become accustomed to the fact that digitization and integration have become easy and affordable. Even printers in the lower price segment can be integrated into the home network within minutes without any special knowledge. Home automation can now also be implemented by DIY enthusiasts and enables complete processes to be defined without any programming knowledge.

Imagine that a marking laser can be integrated just as quickly and your system can be programmed as flexibly and easily as a thermostat. And what’s more, 80% of the digitalization of your project is already completed on the first day. Imagine systems that can be converted or expanded with additional functions without much effort even after years of operation.

MORYX Open Innovation as digitalization engine

What reads like a vision for the digitization of production and logistics processes is already state-of-the-art in many other industrial and consumer sectors. At MORYX Industry, we therefore focus on open innovation and combine the knowledge and experience from various industries and specialist areas in a targeted manner in one program. We launched the MORYX Open Innovation Program with the aim of creating the tools for the digitalization of the factory in order to catch up with the technological backlog described above. The lasting success of this program is guaranteed by the understanding of the causes that have caused this backlog to grow over the decades. In the spirit of the Open Innovation approach, we are naturally very happy to share our findings on the causes with you: READ OTHER

MORYX Open Source

Co-Create Digitalization

With the MORYX Open Source Program, we are consistently pursuing our open innovation strategy in order to establish the first cross-company framework for digitizing the factory in the MORYX Community: The MORYX Framework.

The MORYX Framework has grown in the years preceding the open source release as an inner source at Phoenix Contact to meet the high technical, deadline and quality requirements of our own production. It thus bundles the continuously developed knowledge about the digitalization of the factory and the experiences from real production scenarios of the last years. Now is the ideal time to initiate the next evolutionary leap of the MORYX Framework with the launch of the MORYX Open Source Program. We have decided to release the MORYX Framework under a permissive license, because we are convinced that this will make the engagement in the MORYX Community interesting for many companies and persons.

MORYX community members benefit several times over

In order to benefit from the advantages of the MORYX Open Source Program in the long run, you as a community participant should trust in the experience of large communities from different Open Source projects:

  • If you create specific extensions or changes, avoid developing and maintaining them as inner source. Only by integrating your results into the MORYX Open Source, you will profit in the long run from further development by the community. Don’t worry: For your software to implement your trade secrets, we have prepared appropriate interfaces in the MORYX Framework, so you don’t have to publish them.
  • Often progressive ideas or prototypes are put aside in companies after a first estimation of the effort, because the necessary knowledge build-up and productive implementation would not be economical or fit into the schedule. In this case take the advantage to share your ideas and requirements with the MORYX Community at an early stage and to win further interested parties for a common development and maintenance of your MORYX extension. In the medium term, all members benefit from the accelerated innovation driven by the broad technical expertise and the implementation of different requirements in the community.
  • In addition to the technical benefits, your public visibility and position as a proven expert in the digitalization of the factory is a competitive advantage for you as an active member of the MORYX Community.

We invite you to contribute to the further development of the MORYX Framework as part of the constantly growing MORYX community. Start for example by sharing your ideas about the future direction of the Framework with us. Or take an active part in the design and implementation of future framework versions, as well as the continuous improvement of scalability and stability.

MORYX Framework

The MORYX Framework was born from the knowledge that even with differing production processes and products, a common framework for modeling and interaction of the digital twins in the factory will ignite the necessary digitization boost. The MORYX Framework therefore brings together the proven procedures from other areas of software development with the flexible meta-model of the digital twins for systems, products and processes in the factory.

Digital twins for sustainable reuse

For the first time, the MORYX Framework makes sustainable reuse across company boundaries and asset types a reality. While each individual MORYX Application retains its freedom to meet the specific requirements of individual digitization projects. Interfaces and data structures contained in the MORYX Framework for the integration of heterogeneous IT and OT systems are only one component to reuse MORYX components in different applications. In addition, the MORYX Framework also promotes the reuse of already modeled digital twins in different applications and thus facilitates the horizontal integration of digitalization applications.

The templates and recommended project structures developed in the MORYX community accelerate every project start by requiring only a strongly shortened training period from the developers. MORYX packages for drivers, modules and adapters, which have been tested in real production environments, are added to the MORYX project within minutes and already cover a large part of the recurring requirements of the digitalized factory. In this way, trained MORYX developers can get from the idea to the executable application framework in one working day and then have the freedom to concentrate exclusively on the implementation of the application specific requirements.

By decoupling the analyzing and controlling MORYX components from the mapping of the hardware and the products, the MORYX Framework allows for the first time the unprecedented integration of experiences and skills from the non-industrial domains of software development. User Experience (UX), artificial intelligence and scalability are only first examples how the MORYX Framework will benefit from the broadly based MORYX community.

MORYX Framework Architecture

The MORYX Framework basically converts the boilerplate code for applications for digitalization, which has been rewritten by each development team again and again, into a reusable form. The implemented modular architecture gives the MORYX community the chance to reuse real things and their interaction as digital twins in the MORYX Framework. Furthermore, the MORYX Framework supports the development teams by simplifying the setup of three-tier client-server applications with reusable components.

The MORYX Framework consits of four open source projects released on GitHub under the Apache license version 2. The graphic on the right shows the relationship between these projects and links to the respective project.

AbstractionLayer ClientFramework MaintenanceWeb Platform

The foundation is the MORYX Platform. It defines the most important interfaces and the basic architecture of the framework. In addition, the MORYX Platform contains the server-side modules, data models and module compositions, which give every development of a client-server application the additional kick start.

As a perfect complement to the text-based console already available with the MORYX Platform, the MORYX MaintenanceWeb project offers a web-based user interface. With these interfaces it is very easy to configure the installed MORYX components and to monitor their status. The MORYX Framework also supports the fast development of extensive graphical desktop frontends through the MORYX ClientFramework project.

The last project of the MORYX Framework, which we would like to present here, is certainly the most functionally comprehensive one: The MORYX AbstractionLayer. The project MORYX AbstractionLayer allows the modeling, management and interaction of the digital twins of systems, processes and products in the digitized factory. The digital twins are already used not only in applications for production control but are also applicable for many other challenges in the sense of advancing integration. Please have a look at some sample projects that have used the advantages of the MORYX Framework for themselves.


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