Keep control, stay independent

Decide for yourself how fast you want to digitalize your factory.
Without compromising on quality, with just as much digital integration as needed.

Integration for more speed and quality

  • Seamless data and control flow from IT to OT for high quality
  • Automatic data adjustments without downtime
  • High-quality process data for transparent optimizations
  • Detailed data for tracking and monitoring

Adapt flexibly to changes

  • Produce any batch size in parallel without downtime
  • Keeping track with digital twins
  • Easily update and expand functions
  • Data-driven optimizations instead of gut feeling

Simple configuration instead of complex programming

  • Centralised process logic for simplicity of adjustments
  • Ease of use through assistance systems for staff
  • Uniform visual interfaces instead of diverse OT systems
  • Seamlessly integrated processes for easy staff induction

Producing earlier instead of developing for a long time

  • Tried and tested modules for functions that everyone needs anyway
  • Individual modules that make a targeted difference
  • Modular software accelerates parallel development
  • Simulation of all plant components for fast commissioning
  • High integration of OT data for easy troubleshooting

Openness instead of lock-in

Open MORYX Platform for an open ecosystem

Open for expansions

  • Open Source Framework for Digital Twins
  • Open interfaces for IT and OT integration as well as process logic

Better customer experience

  • Open to manufacturers with complementary skills
  • Comparability of software offers
  • Community for exchange of experience

Proven in the factories of Phoenix Contact

Born from the aspiration to shape the digitalization of our own factories. Hardened by the various challenges in the production of the diverse Phoenix Contact products. Now it is ready: The MORYX Platform meets the high quality standards that our customers value.

Together for successful digitalization

Start today

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