MORYX – Concept of the digitalized factory

The symbiosis of open system architecture, customized flexibility and seamless digital integration to control production facilities – in short: MORYX.

MORYX Innovation

MORYX gives you control and overview of the software systems in the factory. Previous PLC-based solutions and other digitizing applications suffer from the opaque mixing of responsibilities of the software components. MORYX counters these systems with a modular and clearly orchestrated architecture of components, each of which takes on a clearly defined task. MORYX creates in a so far unequalled stringency an almost maximum reuse and flexibility of digitalization applications in the factory.

Open and Flexible

The MORYX Platform is the first open platform for the digital factory. Open for flexibly integrating diverse IT and OT systems into the digital control of manufacturing and transport processes.

Guaranteed success in green and brownfield!

The MORYX Open Source Framework, proven MORYX Modules and the freedom to develop the MORYX Software yourself make you independent in your digitalisation project. Finally, you have the freedom of choice: simply configure 90% of an IIoT application as proven MORYX Modules – only develop the last 10% as individual MORYX Software.

MORYX Framework

MORYX provides the first open source framework for modeling the digital DNA of devices and their relationships in the factory. Within the framework, the individual parts of the equipment are assembled into a complete system.

In addition, the MORYX Framework offers the possibility to assemble applications flexibly from modules. The open source approach ensures the compatibility of the components and enables a continuous development for future requirements.

MORYX Drivers

MORYX Drivers are the components that bundle the data structures and communication types per device type and manufacturer. By this functionality they guarantee the controllability of the heterogeneity and variety of PLC systems in production devices. Thanks to the modular MORYX Architecture, you can easily maintain and update MORYX Drivers, reuse them in applications as often as you like and combine them with each other.

MORYX Modules

In the harmonizing layer of MORYX Framework and drivers the heterogeneous production systems are mapped. This allows the MORYX Modules to focus entirely on the administration, control and evaluation of production and logistics processes. This clear separation of responsibilities realizes the great advantage of controlling processes independent of the executing plant/factory structure. This is the ideal basis for the targeted expansion of the degree of automation without unwanted side effects on the modeled processes.

MORYX Adapters

The innovative MORYX Concept of integrating heterogeneous systems digitally in a sustainable way through open interfaces and modular software components is consistently implemented by the MORYX Adapters. In this concept, MORYX Adapters ensure the digital integration of IT systems, for example ERP or master data. A MORYX Adapter realizes the communication to an IT system and includes all necessary data structures and protocols. Due to this clear sharpening of responsibility, the MORYX Adapters can be reused as often as required, independent of the application and the drivers used, while maintaining the same high quality.